There are magic methods out there that can solve all kinds of physical ailments, but…

However, these methods often don’t work.

First of all, it is hard to believe that any kind of ailment can be solved. And even if you have the same kind of ailment, such as stiff shoulders or back pain, no two people are the same in the way they lead their lives until their ailment appears.

For example, the stiff shoulders of a desk worker in his 20s and the stiff shoulders of a business manager in his 40s are different, and the back pain of a 60-something who suffers from constant anger from his wife and the back pain of a teenager who does his best to mediate and stop his parents’ fights have completely different causes. How can one method solve all of these problems?

However, there is a method that can deal with all of them.

It is the power of cause analysis.

It may not be a method, but it is a way of thinking. The back pain that should be cured by the 00 method is not cured! It is a common story. But if you have the power of cause analysis, you can solve any kind of problem because there is a reason for it.

However, just because you have the power of cause analysis, it does not mean that anyone can solve the problem. It is necessary to have the courage to recognize the cause as the cause, and it is also important to be prepared to abandon your old habits.

What is important is to recognize that every disorder has a cause! What is important is to acknowledge that all problems have a cause. We can solve all kinds of ailments, but we cannot start until we first acknowledge that there is a cause.

The reason why we cannot heal is because we do not know or admit that there is a cause for our problems. If every disease was caused by mutation, there wouldn’t be so much in common among people who get cancer, right? If you eat too much meat or smoke too much, you might get sick, but if you eat too many vegetables or spend too much time in the natural sea or mountains, you wouldn’t get sick, would you? So, there is a cause.

I think the people who get well the fastest are the ones who know their own body mechanisms the best.

The power to analyze the cause is more important than a super method that can solve any problem! This is important.