Everyone hates to hear heartless words. When people say things like “fat,” “ugly,” or “die,” it can really make you sick to your stomach, and the school days when you are forced to meet with friends who say such things are hell….

Such days happened to me in junior high school, and in fact, it was only recently that I was able to get rid of them.

Issei-san, you have a beautiful, shining face, don’t you? You are handsome and popular, aren’t you? The trauma disappeared when I was told such words by many customers. Of course, I could accept those words with joy because I had removed the hardness of the film that remained in my body.

But in the end, if you don’t know about this kind of film in your body and keep being told things similar to what you were told in the past at school, at work, and at home, you will eventually reach your limits. One word can easily destroy a person’s life and health.

One person told us that a childcare worker threatened to cut off her mouth with scissors because she was too loud. That was the beginning of her suppression of her feelings. As a result, he has had to put up with a lot, causing all kinds of mental and physical problems.

I am glad that she came to our clinic because she was determined and found the root cause and solution, but I shudder to think what would have happened if she had not known about it. A single word from a stranger can ruin a person’s health, and it sticks in the body for the rest of one’s life.

As long as we live in a human society, they pierce us unconsciously and are like arrows that we cannot avoid.

I realized a few years ago that my body remembers all the mental stresses I have been under from the age of zero to the age I am now, and that they are “named and stored” in my body.

I realized this several years ago. I have been looking at people’s bodies with this theory ever since, and there has not been a single exception.

Everyone goes to school and work even if they don’t want to, and they endure the complaints from their mothers and wives. At each moment, a single heartless word comes flying in like an arrow, stinging shallowly, but we don’t know how to pull it out.

But if those arrows remain stuck, life will end up being unhealthy.

To live a healthy and happy life, you have to pull out the arrow that is stuck in your body film, and the only way to do that is to ask someone else to heal you of the one word you didn’t like. The damage done by others can only be healed by others.

Because that is the common rule for the body.

If you have been hurt by a word that was said to you in a heartless way, please come to our clinic and learn how to deal with it.

Whether you know it or not, your life will change dramatically. Because one thoughtless word can ruin a person’s whole life.