This is a common misconception, but when you study “immunity,” you may think that raising a fever is the way to boost the body’s immunity.

However, there are times when a fever should be raised and times when it should be lowered…

If you are at the beginning of a cold and you want to detoxify your body by sweating out the waste accumulated in your body by raising your fever, you should not think too much about how high your fever is. It is better to raise the body’s immunity by raising the temperature to kill off viruses and enhance the body’s immune system.

Sleep hard, sweat a lot, and so on.

Well, in short, you should take good care of your body’s initial symptoms.

On the other hand, the time to put a wet towel on your forehead or wrap a cabbage around your head to bring down the fever is when the symptoms do not go away even after a week of trying hard to bring down the fever. In other words, when your body cannot work any longer even though you have worked hard to bring down the fever, and your body is rather tired from the effects of the fever. At that time, the body’s immune system is weakened because of the fever, so it is necessary to switch to lowering the fever. Some people even get encephalitis because they keep running a fever. If you are a man, heat damage to the testicles, which produce sperm, is the worst.

What I am trying to say is that it is important to have a fever, but the body has a limit to the time it can generate a fever. Most people think that a fever should be lowered as soon as it starts or as soon as it starts it’s good to go.

But while the initial fever is important, if the fever lasts too long, the body can no longer tolerate it, and the immune system will not be able to work. In such cases, it is better to lower the fever in a natural way.

When you learn about the body, especially about naturopathic medicine, you tend to be biased in favor of bringing down the fever! And you miss the time when you should bring down the fever. And then we miss the time when we should lower the fever.

It feels good to sweat out a fever, but if you keep sweating for a week, it’s hard, isn’t it? At that time, it would be better to lower the fever, wouldn’t it? The point is that your body’s response should feel good.