In most cases, people tend to focus on the body structure theory that the body temperature is low because the internal organs are cold, the muscles are weak, or there is a lot of fat. (Japanese people love body structure theory)

However, in reality, the “coordination” of a person’s body and mind has a stronger influence than the presence or absence of the person’s visceral functions and muscle strength.

For example, the other day I heard something like, “I feel cold because I have no muscle and no fat.” Everyone’s body structure is the same, but I haven’t been exercising lately, so maybe it’s because I’ve lost muscle, or maybe it’s because I’ve gained fat and my metabolism is slow, he thought.

When I asked him about it, he said that when he was in his twenties, he loved exercise so much that he ran a full marathon three years in a row. I think people who love exercise enough to run a full marathon three years in a row are probably in the minority. Well, I think it’s not even 1% in Japan. Since he had a child, his wife told him, “You’re going to be a father, so stop playing around like that and help with childcare.”

Perhaps if he does the marathon again, which was his “life purpose”, he will not feel the cold at all. In fact, as soon as he resumed running the marathon, his body temperature rose and he no longer felt the cold. No change in muscle or fat. Ignoring the instincts of the body and conforming to the public appearance that the brain thinks of is a big evil. In Japan, where the pressure to conform is strong, it may be even more difficult to escape.

I have a strong will and decide my actions based on my own will, so there can be no stress! Even people who think this way are strongly influenced by the environment in which they have to put up with what they really want to do. For example, a wife who sees the marathon as “a purpose in life” and a wife who perceives the marathon as “play” might lead to a completely different life.

The important thing is to understand such human weaknesses and to make the instincts of the body and the will of the brain properly “coordinate”. And as long as I keep doing what I really want to do, I think I can go back to being a “child” who can play around in the cold snow without feeling the cold at all. The essence is there.