Low pressure doesn’t just mean bad weather, it can also be said that the body swells when the pressure drops. For example, in a science textbook, it was written that if you take a bag of potato chips to the top of Mt.

A low atmospheric pressure basically reduces the pressure, so water evaporates, but if the whole body is loose in the first place, there is no problem even if the muscles and skin swell, so headaches do not occur.

Due to daily stress and bruises such as traffic accidents, the surface of the skin is very hard! If you have a condition like that, you will actually get a headache. That’s because the contents of muscles, bones, blood, etc. swell, but the skin and fat, which are the surface film, do not swell. It’s an image that pushes you from the inside.

Then, even though a skinny person was alone in a 1 tatami room, when the pressure hits a low pressure, there are 2-3 sumo wrestlers in a 1 tatami room. I can’t help but be cramped.

This image is the easiest to understand. If you do that, your blood vessels will become clogged and tight, causing headaches, nausea, and pain behind your eyes. If you can associate the image, it seems that half has been solved.

So, if you want to get rid of the “cyclone headache”, remember to loosen the surface film and think about how to deal with daily stress.

Headache = Blood vessels in the head! Brain! It’s very important to calmly remember that the film is the cause, and that it’s the bag of potato chips, so that you don’t jump to conclusions.